Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Beau!!!

Look at that face! Those big blue eyes! That ornery grin! You've got something on your mind and we can bet that whatever you are about to do will have us smiling and shaking our heads!!

You are THREE years old now, Beau-Beau Show...such a BIG BOY! and you are ALL BOY!

A few fun facts: You love all things Superhero! YOU ARE SPIDERMAN!! Probably close to 50 times a day you can be heard shouting, "OVERDRIVE...ACCELERATE" (which is some kind of Power Rangers battle cry that Parker taught you), followed by a jump off the couch, a roll on the floor, a kick and a punch..."killed 'em, Bad Guys are dead!" You are really into heavy equipment, cars, monster trucks, and you already show signs of making some of the most realistic sound effects I've ever heard. You LOVE school and you are very know all of your letters and sounds, you can count to 15 and sometimes 20, you've got your shapes down pat, you are extremely good at coloring (and I'm not just saying that because I am your mom, your teachers agree!), your favorite color is purple, which leads me to...You are very CONFIDENT! You know what you like, what you don't like, what you want, and it is no secret what you are thinking most of the have no problem letting your daddy and I know exactly how you feel about things!!!

You love your brothers and you are not afraid to stick up for fact, I recently observed you push a five year old boy who was not treating Tytus fairly, and once you both had the upper hand, you together backed him away from the situation and then went along playing happily together! You adore Cash and are very helpful, however at times, he has already begun to annoy you by chewing on your toys and getting in your way! You are COMPLETELY ATTACHED to your blankie...which has taken on a persona of its drag HIM around the house, HE is the first thing you want when you are hurt or sad, HE sleeps with you, eats with you, and has even been found in the sandbox with you!

You weigh 34 pounds, wear size 4T cloths, you are NOT potty trained, but we are working on it. You LOVE PB&J and would eat it every meal if allowed. You still have NOT EVER eaten meat (which you promised you would do when you turned three, and suffered a great deal of anxiety on your birthday for fear that we would try to force you to eat a chicken nugget...bless your little heart!)

Buddy, I could go on forever about what a blessing you are to our family. Bottom line: YOU MAKE MY HEART SO FULL! You entertain me, you challenge me, you love me, you teach me, you make me earn my keep, you make me laugh, and sometimes you make me cry. Daddy, Tytus, Cash and I all love you and thank God for you, for in you I see are a little lion and a precious lamb!

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