Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of Pre-K

Well, it has officially children are moving out! One by one they will leave me and never turn least that's how it feels!

Okay, maybe it's not that dramatic, but Tytus did start Pre-K! And he LOVES it! And it is EVERY DAY. Granted it is only half a day, which is really only 2.5 hours, but it is the real deal...SCHOOL...the beginning of him spreading his little wings and flying away from this momma bird! Or more importantly gaining independence, growing in knowledge, gathering valuable social and life skills (all of which is only translates to me as "leaving his mother and never turning back!)

Such a handsome little WILDCAT! And he is doing so well. No crying and hanging onto my leg, No begging me not leave, No "but I think I'm going to start missing you"! He could have at lease shed a few tears the first couple of days!!

I really am so proud of him. He had a bit of a rough time ending preschool last spring when we were moving and Daddy was gone a lot. He's like a new kid and his teacher has already fallen in love with him (her words, not mine)!

I am pretty fond of the whole 'pick-up' system. In fact I LOVE anything that accomplishes a task WITHOUT me unloading and loading The Gang!
He has been so happy to go to school and come home everyday. I do miss him, even though it isn't a very long time that he is gone, but things just don't seem right when one of the boys is not with us! And Beau is so happy to see Tytus when we pick him up...I know he misses him too!
Anyway, my firstborn is officially in school! I can already tell this adventure we are on has just gotten a little more adventurous!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Night at the Hospital

When one family member gets sick, they all get sick...a domino falls right after the other!!!

First it was Beau with fever and sinus infection, then Brock with achiness and tummy ache, then Tytus with congestion and croupy cough....then Cash with cough...more like BARK and more barking! And wheezing and more wheezing! And trouble breathing and heaving chest! And more barking and wheezing and heaving chest and trouble breathing!

Of course the worst of it came AFTER I had already taken them all to the doctor and AFTER Brock left town on a business trip! Monday night consisted of no sleep (for Cash or me), giving breathing treatments, sticking his head in the freezer, contemplating calling 911 or rushing to the emergency room and LOTS of praying!

Now we've done this whole croup, wheezing, breathing treatments, no sleep thing numerous times with the other boys, but this was much different...not only because it was worse and kept getting worser (yeah I said worser), but because I was home alone and in a town where I basically don't know anyone!

By morning Cash was only getting worse. A phone call to his pediatrician led me to load up all three of the boys and RUSH...let me say that again RUSH to the Emergency Room! Four hours later, three breathing treatments, two x-rays, and one IV later, we were in the ambulance on our way to St. Francis Children's hospital. His official diagnosis- Para influenza and Bronchiolitis... in layman's terms- a really bad case of croup with strider (which basically means he was trying to breath, but his airway was the size of a small straw and there was gunk in his lungs! More steroids, breathing treatments, IV fluids, and close observation was just what the doctor ordered! A little over 24 hours later and he was discharged under the care of Dr. Mom. He is much better today...exhausted and a little fussy, but all in all getting back to himself!

And that's our story. Of course I had to snap a few pictures along the way (once I knew he was going to be alright and was in good hands I reached for the camera!)

Poor little sweetie! He was one sick boy, in fact the ER doctor told us that in his 25 years of practice he had only seen 4 or 5 kids as bad as he was.

Big brothers sat in the ER room for about four hours until Uncle Craig could come and help. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THESE BOYS! They did a wonderful job...I could not have asked for them to be more well behaved! I am really proud to be their Mommy.

Cash was very glad to see Daddy walk through the door. It only took a few minutes for him to fall asleep in Brock's arms...the first time he had slept in hours.
I too was very glad to see Daddy! Being alone with a really sick child and trying to make decisions about what to do with him by myself made me realize many things...1. I am so thankful for Brock and his leadership (and gentleness), 2. I am very gracious that I am not a single parent and I pray for constant protection over Brock, 3. I CAN do what needs to be done and be level headed and calm WITHOUT having a moment of freaking out and getting emotional and being mean to Brock and then feeling better after I've let it all out and hurt his feelings!! How immature, 4. God is good to give us the answers when we stop, ask, and be quiet (I'm sure I already knew this, but obviously needed to be reminded.)

Those hospital cribs are nuts...I started having flashbacks to when Tytus was in the hospital as a baby. Cash thought his crib was nuts too, so Brock and I took turns holding him all night.
Without trying to sound too dramatic, it really was a crazy 48 hours! I always knew he was going to be just fine, but the urgency of the doctors and nurses let me know that this was more serious than I thought. Thanks to modern medicine and answered prayers our little chunky monkey is just fine! And thanks to our wonderful family the other boys were well taken care of during our night at the hospital!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Up, Up, and Away...

Can I just say that this wonderful, colorful, summertime event had me more than excited from the moment I read about it in the newspaper! The Annual Gateway Hot Air Balloon Festival was last weekend and there was pretty much nothing that was going to stop me from loading up The Gang and enjoying as much of it as I could! Anyone that knows me knows that I love hot air balloons and they kind of have a special place in my heart !!!

We were joined by good friends and I'm pretty sure that we all had a great time. I'm already excited for next year's festival. I think it will be even more that we know what it's all about we will be prepared with lawn chairs and empty stomachs to load up on yummy, greasy, carnival food! What's even better is that the event is held just a couple of miles from our land...which will hopefully eliminate the full hour we waited in line in our car trying to get out of the parking lot!

Here's a few pictures that capture the evening...

What I wouldn't have given to be in that basket floating away!!

There are tethered balloon rides if that suits your fancy...

I have to say, these boys are crazy about each other and had SOOOO much fun!

Here's our group, minus Brock (someone had to take the photo) who was our leading man of the night! Thank goodness for him and all his help with the kids. He wouldn't have missed it...he know very well how much I adore hot air balloons!!

Lanie Grace

Cash got to ride a pony...and he did not want to get off!

My lifelong friend and her adorable daughter...finally we thought to take of picture together with our babies! love her

Journey Faith

The boys tore up the inflatables!
Here's Tytus and Eli...I love those big smiles!

I should probably rephrase that: The inflatables tore up the boys...Beau and Tytus had 'burns' all over their elbows and tummies from sliding so many times!

I just love this kid...and I'm so glad we can just drag, urr, I mean take him anywhere and everywhere and he is so easy-going!

Wait, maybe I spoke too soon...Cash was beginning to get a bit impatient as we waited for the balloon glow.

I wonder how much a balloon costs?
Do you have to have a license to pilot one?
Can I fit all three car seats in the basket?
How long will it take my family to get tired of me singing
"Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon"?

To Infinity...and Beyond!!

A couple of weeks ago we met one of my best friends and her kiddos, Eli and Journey, at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. Eli is Tytus and Beau's BEST friend and they always have a blast together! I had been wanting to take the boys to the TASM all summer and I am so glad we finally made it the trip. We checked out some books at the library about aircraft before going, so it was great for them to get to see (and climb into) some of the things they had read about. Here's a little visual of our day...

They thought is was pretty cool getting to see the mini-shuttle blast off!!

I think Cash had a good time too...I mean, he didn't say it in those words, but he was a really good boy all morning!

Astronaut Beau

I cracked up when I saw this antique gas pump...I though it was ironic and timely considering the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Not sure what type of spacecraft this is, but the boys are having fun "flying" it!

Astronaut Tytus

Maverick and Goose!

Astronaut Eli

Jade and Eli on the...well, I don't know what it's called, but it's some kind of a fighter plane simulator.
We had a really great time and all the kids did really well. I highly recommend the TASM for a little field trip. They have a planetarium with shows scheduled throughout the day, but we chose not to attend with having five kids four and under with in tow! Also there is a really awesome playground area with shaded picnic tables where you can watch the planes take off the runway!! We had a little snack and let the boys burn off some energy before going home for naps. We will definitely be going back sometime soon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Cash!!!

Yesterday, our littlest Sundance Kid celebrated his first birthday!! It's been a pretty crazy summer for us and for several reasons this momma opted to forgo her usual one-year-birthday-party-extravaganza-blow-out that satisfies her need to entertain lots of people with food and creative festivities while distracting herself from the emotional meltdown she never fails to experience when her child turns one year old! big party this year, just small family get-togethers. (But don't fret, I promise to make it up on his second birthday...the mental planning has already begun.) AND, YES, I know it doesn't really matter, but who doesn't love a party...big or small?!?!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the birthday boy from this past year...

At three months...such a cuddly little chunk...

At six months...look at those cheeks and big blue eyes...sporting a custom made beanie handmade by Memaw Bobbie...

At nine months...oh, what can I say...that smile...those baby blues...
those little teethers...and that red tint to your hair...
I hope that you know how much you are loved.
You have blessed our family with more than words can say!
Your brothers are crazy about you and Daddy and I thank God for you.
We have enjoyed watching you grow in size, spirit, and personality this past year
and we can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for your future.

fyi: these photos were taken by my amazing photographer best friend, you can see her work and learn more about her here

Monday, August 2, 2010

Need a Little Cash?!?!

Oh my goodness! I can't believe I am saying this...bear with me all, I am tearing up and the words haven't' even come out of...urrr, off of my fingertips...


My angel baby is having a birthday on Wednesday, so I am dedicating my posts this week to him! Since I didn't start blogging until a few months after he was born, I thought I would first share a few pics of his first couple of days on earth.

What a blessing this child has been to The happy, so cuddly, so easy-going, (so showing definite signs that his brothers will not be able to push him around much longer)...SOOO a THIRD child!

I am looking forward to celebrating you this week, Cash, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH...(and now I have to go find the box Kleenex)!!!!