Saturday, August 14, 2010

Up, Up, and Away...

Can I just say that this wonderful, colorful, summertime event had me more than excited from the moment I read about it in the newspaper! The Annual Gateway Hot Air Balloon Festival was last weekend and there was pretty much nothing that was going to stop me from loading up The Gang and enjoying as much of it as I could! Anyone that knows me knows that I love hot air balloons and they kind of have a special place in my heart !!!

We were joined by good friends and I'm pretty sure that we all had a great time. I'm already excited for next year's festival. I think it will be even more that we know what it's all about we will be prepared with lawn chairs and empty stomachs to load up on yummy, greasy, carnival food! What's even better is that the event is held just a couple of miles from our land...which will hopefully eliminate the full hour we waited in line in our car trying to get out of the parking lot!

Here's a few pictures that capture the evening...

What I wouldn't have given to be in that basket floating away!!

There are tethered balloon rides if that suits your fancy...

I have to say, these boys are crazy about each other and had SOOOO much fun!

Here's our group, minus Brock (someone had to take the photo) who was our leading man of the night! Thank goodness for him and all his help with the kids. He wouldn't have missed it...he know very well how much I adore hot air balloons!!

Lanie Grace

Cash got to ride a pony...and he did not want to get off!

My lifelong friend and her adorable daughter...finally we thought to take of picture together with our babies! love her

Journey Faith

The boys tore up the inflatables!
Here's Tytus and Eli...I love those big smiles!

I should probably rephrase that: The inflatables tore up the boys...Beau and Tytus had 'burns' all over their elbows and tummies from sliding so many times!

I just love this kid...and I'm so glad we can just drag, urr, I mean take him anywhere and everywhere and he is so easy-going!

Wait, maybe I spoke too soon...Cash was beginning to get a bit impatient as we waited for the balloon glow.

I wonder how much a balloon costs?
Do you have to have a license to pilot one?
Can I fit all three car seats in the basket?
How long will it take my family to get tired of me singing
"Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon"?


  1. Makes me wish we would have gone!!!

  2. I havea simple paln for you that will solve two problems at once. Next year charge $10-12 per car and offer a parking service on your land and shuttle service to the event. Enough people for enough years could fund your own balloon!

  3. Julie, you're a just won yourself a FREE ride on my beautiful balloon

  4. C-it was lots of fun...there's always next year!