Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's In a Name? (Part II)

It is safe to say that we are church hunters. We are on the prowl for a new church home, which means for the past two and a half months we have been to a different church every Sunday!


Anyway, this past Sunday we visited Memorial Heights Baptist Church (sidenote: there a lot of Baptist Churches in the got your Faith Baptists, your Eastern Hill Baptists, your Trinity Something Baptists, your Harvest Baptists, and don't forget your one and only First Baptists!)

And back to the point...When we went to drop the Sundance Kids off at nursery/Sunday School, the nice lady at the check-in desk got all of her stickers and pagers and's serious stuff checking in three kids to a new me, you do not want to show up late or you might miss the whole song service!

After asking the boys how old they are, she looked at Tytus and asked him, "Now, what is your name?" He replied, "Tytus", to which she asked, "and how do you spell that?" He, loud and proud, raised up his hand and simultaneously spoke and fingerspelled, "T-Y-T-U-S"!

It was flawless...and a bit out of nowhere, since I haven't fingerspelled with him in months! I was really proud of him, which by the way did not help my emotional state right now. Then they sent him to BIG church with us, then he went to a BIG boy class, and he has been going to VBS all week like a BIG kid...this is a BIG deal people!! I'm not sure Big Momma Kass can handle all of this!

What's In a Name?

Most everyone who knows us even a little bit knows that Beau began referring to himself at a very young age as, "The Beau Beau Show". I don't remember how this title came about, probably something to do with him and his father during 'wrestle mania', but however it came to be, it has stuck!

Anyone that has been around "The Beau Beau Show" for anytime at all, also knows that he is OBSESSED with Spider-Man (and 'bad guys', and CARS, and Buzz and Woody, and his blankie, and the color purple...but anyway!)!!

(*I have told the following stories to numerous people, because I think they are priceless, but I felt the need to post them for your reading enjoyment and also to have on record so I can completely embarrass The BBS at his high school graduation party, or wedding rehearsal, or thirtieth birthday party!!)

One of the first things I wanted to do when we moved to Claremore is figure out where Tytus will be going to Pre-K (I'm hyperventilating just typing it, but that's a whole other story), meet teachers/administrators, and tour the school. SO one morning I loaded up The Gang and went to meet the principal, look around the school and get all my questions answered. Upon arriving at the school, I turn to the boys with something like this:

Me: "Okay guys, we're going in here to meet T-Man's principal and see where he is going to go to school next year. I expect BEST behavior! I want you to introduce yourselves and shake her hand. It's really important that you are on BEST behavior, because I don't want her to say, "Oh No, those Eubanks boys are wild...I don't want them to go to my school!""

So, they agreed and off we went. We met the principal with Tytus extending his hand and telling her clearly, "I'm Tytus". (yeah, I was pretty proud)

Then she turns to Beau extending her hand and asking, "And what's your name?"

Beau quietly replies with a firm handshake, head slightly lowered, and forehead scowled: "Beau Beau Show"

With a confused look on her face, she turns to me saying, "oh, okay, now what was it?"

Me: "It's Beau"...and quickly changing the subject to avoid a lengthy explanation of the origin of "The Beau Beau Show"

(and by the way, the boys were on BEST behavior, I was very proud of the end of my inquisitive chat the beginnings of a Power Ranger Showdown was starting up in the hall, so we got the heck out of there before someone, and usually that means Cash, got a blow to the head with a sword/arm)

The other evening after dinner we all loaded up to go get snow cones. The Gang was just dying to get snow cones...I could have done without, but I gave in when the boys wouldn't stop asking.

(Okay, it was really me that wanted a snow cone, and convinced the boys to beg their father to take us all!)

Anyway, once we got there, Beau and I got out to place the orders. While waiting the cute girl at the counter and Beau had this little exchange:

Snow cone girl: "Well you're a cutie...what's your name?"
Beau: (forehead scrunched, head lowered, lips tight, whispers) "Spider-man"

SCG: "Oh, Cool, Well HI Spider-man...that's a cool name!"
Me: (talking to Beau): "Well, Yes, we do call you Spider-man, but what else do we call you...tell her what your real name is."
Beau: (forehead scrunched, head lowered, lips tight,...) "The Beau Beau Show"

What can I say to that...the kid knows who he is!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July

For the past several years we have celebrated Independence Day with our good college friends at their lake house on Grand Lake. The Poseys have graciously invited us to spend a weekend at "the lake house" numerous times and we always have a blast. This year Paul and his new bride Lexie joined us. She's a total sweetheart and we were glad to finally meet her, since we weren't able to make it to their wedding in May. Fun times with fun friends!!

Don't you just LOVE the 4th of July...Great Food, Friends, Fireworks and FREEDOM!!

This little bathing beauty knows how to take a boat ride! The boys had so much fun with Ava, she is adorable and a total comedian!

Trav and Brock took the big kids out on the boat and swimming in the lake. This is the first year that the boys have gone on the boat and no one fell asleep!

Isn't this a sweet picture?!?! Brock and Paul took a break from playing football to pose (and give a little Man-hug!) for the camera!

LOVE this one! Libby and her adorable little man...William King Posey!

I'm glad this hammock is working out well for them, because when I got on it with Cash, he darted to one side and we flipped totally over!! In my effort to save my baby, I busted it right on my hip! Of course my next move was to look around and make sure no one saw us...thank goodness it was like 7:00 in the morning and everyone was still snoozing away!

Libby and Ava...look at those curls! Even though we don't see one another very ofter, Libby has come to be a wonderful friend. I always cherish the times we are together and our phone conversations...just a wonderful woman...with a beautiful daughter!

Beau (with monster truck in hand!). Not the greatest pictures of my handsome man, but for some reason it was the only one I got of him all weekend!

Two little lovebirds...Paul and Lexie Allen. I'm pretty much just disgusted by how GORGEOUS they are! Can you imagine how beautiful their children will be?! Not sure they will ever have children after spending a "relaxing" weekend with The Gang!

***CAUTION: The following pictures contain children...on a night! All grandparents should proceed at your own risk!!
Promise we were SUPER SAFE...cross my heart!
On the night boat ride to watch fireworks!

I like this one! Cash did a great job on the boat ride...slept a little, looked around a bit, jumped in the lake...just kidding!! Thank God for a tiny life jacket and a huge baby!

Just takin' it easy and/or wondering, "What are my parents doing to me?!"

Tytus fell asleep on Uncle Paulie's cute!

Yup that's me (the only picture from the whole weekend that I am in, oh well) and YES I too am taking a seems that taking a relaxing weekend at the lake is hard on Momma!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Morning...

I'll take any opportunity I can to belt out into a song from "Oklahoma" and this morning has warranted me serenading my family with 'Curly's' ode to early hours of the day!

And why is is such a Beautiful Morning?...

1. Everyone slept in until 8:00 a.m.! (even Cash and Beau who are always up by 7:00a.m.!)

2. Homemade Blueberry Pancakes (for the second time this week, I'm kind of addicted!). And to quote myself at the breakfast table, "Thank you God for giving us blueberries, that was so kind of You, I especially love how You made them to plump up when they are warm and burst open inside my mouth, like a little blueberry fire-cracker!" Not sure B. and the boys shared my strong admiration, but they have already learned to just go with when I get really excited about something!!

3. Brock took the BBS (from now on I am abbreviating The Beau-Beau Show) and T-man to go "barn shopping"!!!! I was very happy about this because it means two less little people for me to be responsible for today and that we are getting closer to having a barn built on the land!

4. The next door neighbors were having another garage sale...which means Homemade Tamales for me!!

5. Farmer's Market!! Cash and I went shopping for fresh homegrown fruits and veggies...oh it just makes my heart so happy to chat with local farmers, and get tips and recipes, and touch and smell the beautiful produce (there I go again, getting all excited...seems to always be food that makes me feel this way!) I purchased a GIANT zucchini and several other things, including my first ever eggplant. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I'll let all you TENS of people out there that read this know how it turns out!! ( I can't get my type size to change back...)

6. Back home and Cash is napping away, thus my time to BLOG...and it's not even noon yet...still a BEAUTIFUL MORNING!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look Who Came to Dinner!

For the past couple of weeks Tytus and Beau are rarely seen without an action figure or animal in hand. Spider-Man is pretty much a permanent member of the family, and "Baby Tiger" has been a favorite for the past several days. They take them EVERYWHERE! I was not surprised when I found the following scene at the lunch table yesterday...

I bet you can tell whose plate is whose!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Haircut and Facing Forward!

It was time! I thought I would try to wait until Cash was one year old to get him his first haircut, but I've learned from experience that I will only be sorry...and feel silly when I get my child's One Year Pictures taken and his hair is hanging over his ears and verging on a 'baby mullet' (sorry, T-Man!). So we headed to the barber shop to get all three boys' hair cut. Cash did great...a little wiggly, but what can you expect from an 11 month old boy!

The results...quite adorable if I do say so myself!

AND...I know the books and doctors and Internet say you HAVE to wait until your child in 20 lbs and ONE YEAR OLD to turn the car seat facing forward, but I figured since Cash has been 20 lbs since he was six months old and he looks like a TWO year old we would be safe turning him around a month early! He loves it (still sleeps like a pro on road trips!), and seems to enjoy doing a fake cry/cough/whine, then flashing a huge smile when I turn around to see if he's alright!

Don't you just want to eat him up?!

I mean look at those big baby blues and sucking those fingers...TOO CUTE!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Flashback Friday!!

With Independence Day just around the corner, I thought I would post a couple of pictures from a past Fourth of July...7-4-07.

We lived in Jenks at the time and the Price cousins came for a little visit. Some things never is still a near impossibility to get everyone (or anyone) to look at the camera! {This picture proves to me that Cash looks similar to fact he is pretty much the same size now that Tytus is in the picture, except a little BIGGER! The clothes T. has on are already too small for C....but anyway!}

I was just thinking earlier today about how a couple of summer's ago I had a baby on each hip, then I found this picture! I remember that weekend...Beau had just turned three months old and life was beginning to get a tiny bit easier. I knew if I could make it to the Fourth of July, then I WOULD SURVIVE having two babies just over a year apart in age. I think I had even gotten my hair colored that day...that's how I tend to celebrate a turning point in my life...a new season in life always warrants a new hair-do in my book!
Anyway...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! This weekend we plan to celebrate our freedom with friends at the lake. What an amazing freedom we do have...Freedom to live as we please, to raise a family as we please, to wear our hair as we please (that's important!), and to worship as we please! THANK GOD FOR THE INDEPENDENCE WE HAVE IN OUR COUNTRY AND THROUGH CHRIST!