Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's In a Name? (Part II)

It is safe to say that we are church hunters. We are on the prowl for a new church home, which means for the past two and a half months we have been to a different church every Sunday!


Anyway, this past Sunday we visited Memorial Heights Baptist Church (sidenote: there a lot of Baptist Churches in the got your Faith Baptists, your Eastern Hill Baptists, your Trinity Something Baptists, your Harvest Baptists, and don't forget your one and only First Baptists!)

And back to the point...When we went to drop the Sundance Kids off at nursery/Sunday School, the nice lady at the check-in desk got all of her stickers and pagers and's serious stuff checking in three kids to a new me, you do not want to show up late or you might miss the whole song service!

After asking the boys how old they are, she looked at Tytus and asked him, "Now, what is your name?" He replied, "Tytus", to which she asked, "and how do you spell that?" He, loud and proud, raised up his hand and simultaneously spoke and fingerspelled, "T-Y-T-U-S"!

It was flawless...and a bit out of nowhere, since I haven't fingerspelled with him in months! I was really proud of him, which by the way did not help my emotional state right now. Then they sent him to BIG church with us, then he went to a BIG boy class, and he has been going to VBS all week like a BIG kid...this is a BIG deal people!! I'm not sure Big Momma Kass can handle all of this!


  1. I grew up at first baptist. I went to school with their children's minister. He is a great guy and is great with the kiddos. It is a big church though. Went to Eastern Hills in High School, not sure what's going on there any more. They had some tough times when I came up to OSU. C-more is a fun place, hope you all are enjoying it.


  2. You can do it Momma! And when you feel like you can't, Call know I'll have an emotional breakdown with you.

    P.S. - Did I mention I MISS YOU.