Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Morning...

I'll take any opportunity I can to belt out into a song from "Oklahoma" and this morning has warranted me serenading my family with 'Curly's' ode to early hours of the day!

And why is is such a Beautiful Morning?...

1. Everyone slept in until 8:00 a.m.! (even Cash and Beau who are always up by 7:00a.m.!)

2. Homemade Blueberry Pancakes (for the second time this week, I'm kind of addicted!). And to quote myself at the breakfast table, "Thank you God for giving us blueberries, that was so kind of You, I especially love how You made them to plump up when they are warm and burst open inside my mouth, like a little blueberry fire-cracker!" Not sure B. and the boys shared my strong admiration, but they have already learned to just go with when I get really excited about something!!

3. Brock took the BBS (from now on I am abbreviating The Beau-Beau Show) and T-man to go "barn shopping"!!!! I was very happy about this because it means two less little people for me to be responsible for today and that we are getting closer to having a barn built on the land!

4. The next door neighbors were having another garage sale...which means Homemade Tamales for me!!

5. Farmer's Market!! Cash and I went shopping for fresh homegrown fruits and veggies...oh it just makes my heart so happy to chat with local farmers, and get tips and recipes, and touch and smell the beautiful produce (there I go again, getting all excited...seems to always be food that makes me feel this way!) I purchased a GIANT zucchini and several other things, including my first ever eggplant. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I'll let all you TENS of people out there that read this know how it turns out!! ( I can't get my type size to change back...)

6. Back home and Cash is napping away, thus my time to BLOG...and it's not even noon yet...still a BEAUTIFUL MORNING!!


  1. I love it when I get that song stuck in my head AND it fits the circumstances! I hope the rest of your day has been just as great!

  2. You are making me hungry...I am craving blueberry pancakes and now want to go to the Farmer's Market as well!

  3. I LOVE the farmer's market!!! The farmers always have great tips for cooking and baking! I also purchased my first eggplant recently, and it was not too bad. I grilled it with a tomato basil topping, that I liked better than the eggplant. Let us know what you did with yours!!