Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not a Fan of the Snow!

Remember a few weeks ago when it snowed? Not THE BLIZZARD, before that, it snowed, JUST snowed (a little...not like 20 inches). Anyway, Cash got to go "play" in the snow. It was his FIRST snow (not counting THE CHRISTMAS EVE BLIZZARD OF 2009).

By the way...maybe next winter we shouldn't be so surprised, and get all crazy, and act like the world is coming to an end when THE BLIZZARD comes!

Well, it did not take long for Cash to decide that he is NOT a fan of the snow...

He started out okay...curious, but cautious...

Then came the disappointment...

Next, it was full on anger, sadness, tears...

and lastly...he got his point across! I'm sure if he could talk, he would have yelled at me to put that camera down and take him back inside out of this retched snow!!
okay, little guy, I'm sorry...I'm pretty sure after the past two BLIZZARDS, I'm not really a fan of the snow either!

Cowboy in Training!!

Every Friday Tytus' class goes to the library at school and they each get to check out a book. A couple of weeks ago when he got in the car to come home he said, "Mom, the book I got at the library is all about where I'm going to go to college. And it teaches me where I'm going to go to class and everything I need to take to college!!" He was very excited.

And I was very excited when he pulled this book out of his backpack. We read it over and over that week. And learned about Edmond Low Library, Old Central, Pistol Pete, dorm rooms, the Student Union, and we sang the fight song about a hundred times!!

Now that's one smart Cowboy! Go Pokes!!

Monthy Mission

One of the women in my Bible study has a son that is in the service and was just deployed. All the ladies gathered supplies and cards to send to him and the other men and women serving with him. So the boys and I decided to make some cards to show our gratitude to our troops.

They each wrote a message inside and colored a picture on the back, and then I wrote a letter of thanks on the inside.

The boys were pretty proud of what they made. (Beau is going through this make-funny-faces-at-the-camera stage!) And it was a good opportunity to talk to them about how people serve our country and how we can serve others.
And here is the finished project. I thought they turned out pretty cute! Making cards and sending items to our troops needs to be something that becomes a habit.

T-Man's B-Day Party

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from Tytus' birthday parties. He wanted to do and Ironman party (even though he's never seen the movie and doesn't really know anything about Ironman!)

But you know what happens when you don't have enough oil that a cupcake recipe calls for? And do you know what happens when you accidentally put too much water in the batter???

You get cupcakes that look like THIS!!

They ooze out over the top of the paper liner, they get nice and golden brown on top, and they are very airy and light in the center!

They might not be packed full of flavor...but with lots of sugary frosting and tons of sugary sprinkles they end up tasking quite yummy!
Tytus took these to school on his birthday to share with his friends...I'm pretty sure they didn't mind that I forgot how to read and follow instructions when I was making them.

Okay, back to the parties...
Like I said...he's really into Ironman!!

Daddy picked out this very special gift...

T-Man's first real gun. It's just a BB gun, but, I'm sure this is the first of many guns in the future. (God help me raise three boys!)

And then we went bowling with friends and family. He's showing off his COOL bowling shoes!

The boys (minus must have been his turn).

The Daddies

Bratt and the babies...Journey, Cash and Lanie

I can't believe he's FIVE...I might have said this before, but I just can't believe it!

He LOVES his new guitar from Eli!

Grandma gave his the coolest tree swing! It will be perfect hanging from a tree near the bardominium!

Then it was time for games...

unless you are Beau...and then it was time for more cake!!

And here's how it all went down! Take a good look! Yeah, that's right...we whooped the guys! Take another look...those are SINGLE digits folks!!

And the Birthday boy did great! He beat everyone except for Jade! Good Job T-Man!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad Hair Day???

Ever just have one of those days?....

You just can't bear to look....

Don't let it get ya down...

You have a lot to be thankful for!!!
"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." Proverbs 17:22

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Progress As Promised!

Once life settled down a bit after the holidays, it was time to start construction on the inside of the barn. The plans are drawn up and we are fully committed to finishing out part of the barn as living quarters. The plan: build the "barndominium" (as we like to call it), put our house in MO back on the market, and as soon as the Loma Linda house sells break ground on the house. Anyone that knows us knows that our "PLANS" are made to be changed...we like to keep everyone on their toes! Construction of the "barndomium" is proving to be going a bit slower than we had hoped for...THE BLIZZARD, has not helped, but oh long as it's livable by May 1 then I'm good!

Brock's dad, as always, has been a big help. Along with his expertise, he loaned us the Bobcat the trencher, and extra man power. Best of all the boys love when he's around!

We all know who the big boss is!

Cash even got in on some of the action...not sure if he was throwing the rocks or eating them, but either one is a safe bet!

I think most men will think of any excuse to run heavy equipment. When we built our first house, I got to run the skid steer...I haven't gotten a turn since then...I wonder why?

The electrical lines are ran and the plumbing is in! Exciting stuff, I know. I told Brock that all I wanted for Valentine's Day was a concrete slab...maybe a card if he could squeeze it in, but most importantly a slab!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy New Year!!!!!!! (that's me shouting it out like everyone does when the clock strikes midnight on NYE! least I think that still happens. I'm pretty sure I haven't really celebrated/stayed awake on NYE in the past five years!)

So, anyway, it's a new year.

What? I'm a week behind? Everyone else started a new year over a week ago?

Oh, well, not me...and that's just the way it is! No one is going to tell me when I have to start a new year, wipe the slate clean, get organized, start a diet, right my wrongs, change bad habits, quite cold turkey!!!!!!

I've made it official that from now on I will not start a new year until at least January is essential for me to have what I am proclaiming as "Transition Week". This extended year end allows me to gently transition from one holiday to the next at my own pace and not that of others, or the media, or the calendar as far as that goes! It's sort of like tacking on week 53...or better yet, week ZERO!

The end of a year is a very busy time for everyone and the past five years for our family have ended with some events that could be categorized as, well, eventful (ok, some might say stressful, but since I started a new year today I am committing to be more positive!) I tend to have a bit of anxiety around the holidays (some that know me VERY well might say "more than a bit", but I'm staying positive!) and the thought of turning over a new leaf right in the middle of winding up Christmas activities and preparing for Tytus' birthday and all the fun and family and traveling and tonsillectomies (okay, that doesn't happen every year) that is a part of this time of year tends to make my head spin!

From now on there will be no leaf turning until Transition Week is complete!

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm looking forward to sharing all of the goals I've set for this new (just now beginning) year!