Saturday, February 26, 2011

T-Man's B-Day Party

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from Tytus' birthday parties. He wanted to do and Ironman party (even though he's never seen the movie and doesn't really know anything about Ironman!)

But you know what happens when you don't have enough oil that a cupcake recipe calls for? And do you know what happens when you accidentally put too much water in the batter???

You get cupcakes that look like THIS!!

They ooze out over the top of the paper liner, they get nice and golden brown on top, and they are very airy and light in the center!

They might not be packed full of flavor...but with lots of sugary frosting and tons of sugary sprinkles they end up tasking quite yummy!
Tytus took these to school on his birthday to share with his friends...I'm pretty sure they didn't mind that I forgot how to read and follow instructions when I was making them.

Okay, back to the parties...
Like I said...he's really into Ironman!!

Daddy picked out this very special gift...

T-Man's first real gun. It's just a BB gun, but, I'm sure this is the first of many guns in the future. (God help me raise three boys!)

And then we went bowling with friends and family. He's showing off his COOL bowling shoes!

The boys (minus must have been his turn).

The Daddies

Bratt and the babies...Journey, Cash and Lanie

I can't believe he's FIVE...I might have said this before, but I just can't believe it!

He LOVES his new guitar from Eli!

Grandma gave his the coolest tree swing! It will be perfect hanging from a tree near the bardominium!

Then it was time for games...

unless you are Beau...and then it was time for more cake!!

And here's how it all went down! Take a good look! Yeah, that's right...we whooped the guys! Take another look...those are SINGLE digits folks!!

And the Birthday boy did great! He beat everyone except for Jade! Good Job T-Man!

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