Sunday, February 6, 2011

Progress As Promised!

Once life settled down a bit after the holidays, it was time to start construction on the inside of the barn. The plans are drawn up and we are fully committed to finishing out part of the barn as living quarters. The plan: build the "barndominium" (as we like to call it), put our house in MO back on the market, and as soon as the Loma Linda house sells break ground on the house. Anyone that knows us knows that our "PLANS" are made to be changed...we like to keep everyone on their toes! Construction of the "barndomium" is proving to be going a bit slower than we had hoped for...THE BLIZZARD, has not helped, but oh long as it's livable by May 1 then I'm good!

Brock's dad, as always, has been a big help. Along with his expertise, he loaned us the Bobcat the trencher, and extra man power. Best of all the boys love when he's around!

We all know who the big boss is!

Cash even got in on some of the action...not sure if he was throwing the rocks or eating them, but either one is a safe bet!

I think most men will think of any excuse to run heavy equipment. When we built our first house, I got to run the skid steer...I haven't gotten a turn since then...I wonder why?

The electrical lines are ran and the plumbing is in! Exciting stuff, I know. I told Brock that all I wanted for Valentine's Day was a concrete slab...maybe a card if he could squeeze it in, but most importantly a slab!

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  1. I am cracking up at the thought of you running the heavy machinery. Can I please come and photograph THAT the next time it happens!?!? P.S. - Barndominium (did I even spell that right?) is going to ROCK!