Monday, January 10, 2011


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy New Year!!!!!!! (that's me shouting it out like everyone does when the clock strikes midnight on NYE! least I think that still happens. I'm pretty sure I haven't really celebrated/stayed awake on NYE in the past five years!)

So, anyway, it's a new year.

What? I'm a week behind? Everyone else started a new year over a week ago?

Oh, well, not me...and that's just the way it is! No one is going to tell me when I have to start a new year, wipe the slate clean, get organized, start a diet, right my wrongs, change bad habits, quite cold turkey!!!!!!

I've made it official that from now on I will not start a new year until at least January is essential for me to have what I am proclaiming as "Transition Week". This extended year end allows me to gently transition from one holiday to the next at my own pace and not that of others, or the media, or the calendar as far as that goes! It's sort of like tacking on week 53...or better yet, week ZERO!

The end of a year is a very busy time for everyone and the past five years for our family have ended with some events that could be categorized as, well, eventful (ok, some might say stressful, but since I started a new year today I am committing to be more positive!) I tend to have a bit of anxiety around the holidays (some that know me VERY well might say "more than a bit", but I'm staying positive!) and the thought of turning over a new leaf right in the middle of winding up Christmas activities and preparing for Tytus' birthday and all the fun and family and traveling and tonsillectomies (okay, that doesn't happen every year) that is a part of this time of year tends to make my head spin!

From now on there will be no leaf turning until Transition Week is complete!

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm looking forward to sharing all of the goals I've set for this new (just now beginning) year!

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  1. Transition week...LOVE it! I need to remember that for next year.