Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday Triumphs (on Wednesday)!

Beau had surgery yesterday...bilateral myringotomy with adnoidectomy to be exact (a.k.a. tubes in both ears and adnoids removed). All went well, he was quite a little trooper! He was very brave, in fact, when I told him we were going to see Dr. Vaidya and that he was going to fix his ears and throat he said, "Yeah, but I'm not gonna cry!" and he really didn't!! He cried for a couple of minutes as he was coming out of anesthesia, but once he was in Mommy's lap, with blankie, Teddy, and his favorite cup in hand he was fine. Yesterday evening and in the night he was pretty fussy, but he has been back to his playful self today!

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  1. So glad he recovered so well! We go in tomorrow morning at 6 am for Coco. Say prayers for us that he does as well as Beau. P.S. - Emmy has been asking for Beau lately. Love connection?!?! I could only dream that one of your boys would marry Emmy Grace so that we could officially be family! Love you.