Thursday, December 30, 2010

Naptime Hide and Seek

I can see why you might think that this is a comforter wadded up on the floor (the dirty clothes next to it certainly don't help in leading you to believe otherwise!). Sure at first glance that's what I might think too. And, indeed that is what I thought when I went looking for Beau one recent afternoon. It was naptime and as usual his instructions were to go lay down and I would be in to tuck him in and give him kisses a few minutes later. But when I went to fulfill my duties, he wasnt' in his bed, he wasn't on the top bunk, nor was he in my bed, the bathroom, or hiding in the closet!

Thankfully, Beau is a snorer...his "log sawing" led me to this pile of bed covers. He had sneakily hid under his comforter, but was so exhausted that he fell asleep before he had a chance to jump out and surprise me! I'm telling you this kid was completely covered with covers!! I couldn't see even an inch of him.

I gently lifted him onto the bed and uncovered his face. (How does one sleep with a blanket over his face anyway?) But not until I snapped a picture! Trust me, I made sure his airway wasn't blocked first!

He napped all afternoon as usual (and then we had a little chat about when and where to hide from Mommy).

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