Saturday, December 4, 2010

The (Big Red) Barn!!

She's Finished!!!

Isn't she pretty?! I've always wanted a red barn....I think she's pretty!

I especially like these (umm, what are these called?)...anyway...I really like this detail.

The boys are so excited about the barn too! Tytus asked to have his picture taken with her.

You can do lots of things with a a tractor and all your equipment. I think that's the main idea. I'm leaning a little more toward parties, barn dances, maybe even a good ol' fashion box supper...ooohhh, maybe someday one of my sons with meet and fall in love with a wonderful woman and it will have always been her dream to have a big wedding reception in a big red barn and then I will fall in love with her too and call all my friends and we will start cleaning and preparing and throw one giant wedding party reception!!! oh boy, did I get side tracked for a second...
You could even live in a barn...
(to be continued!)


  1. Wow! That is one purdy barn! How fun!

  2. I love the barn. P.S. - I better be the first friend you call. Oh wait, maybe it will be Emmy Grace. OK, now I am dreaming. Our poor kids, if they get married they aren't even going to have a chance at planning their own wedding!

  3. I'm thinking Morgan would like to get married in a red barn. How old is your oldest again?
    Misty Choat