Tuesday, November 16, 2010


{The following picture of Beau was originally placed later in this post, however when I was proof reading I somehow accidentally deleted it. Then I was a bit frustrated and gave up! So try and be flexible when reading this one...it's been a while since I posted and I'm just thankful to FINALLY have a Halloween post up...even if it is three weeks later and scrambled!}

The boys and I spend Halloween at Grandma's house this year. This was the first year that Brock was not able to be with the boys on Halloween (however, thanks to modern technology it was kind of like he was with us)...it was also the first time we legitimately 'Trick or Treated' (meaning we actually went door-to-door asking for candy, rather than going only to a couple of friends' and families' homes and showing off our adorable children!!), and it was the first year that I lost all control in the costume department!

I wanted the boys to be Coach Gundy and two OSU football players....and they did not. Basically I contended with winning one out of three!

Even without going with coordinating costumes they still looked adorable and had a really good time.

Tytus chose Buzz Lightyear. Thankfully Mom found a costume at Wal-Mart a couple of days before Halloween! He was as happy as could be and I was just fine with not dragging out my sewing machine and/or hot glue gun and throwing together a home-made costume!

{and this is where the picture of Beau as Spider-Man is suppose to go...if anyone out there in blogger world can help me...please do so!}

Beau was Spider-Man...again! oh, wait, I stand corrected...last year he was Spider-Man...this year he was "the REAL Spider-Man"! The boys is having a bit of an identity crisis! Oh well, who cares when you look as cute as he does!!

And Cash...oh thank you, Cash...for not being able to talk yet and express your own opinion on the subject! Cash so willing went as Coach Mike Gundy! He played the part very well and was a big hit at the neighborhood party...

He wore his headphones so that he could talk to the guys in the booth...he decided this year that he needed some help calling plays...

He has a really good arm (just like he did back in the Barry Sander days) and he had to get in a few passes...

He carried his 'Playbook'...just in case his new offensive coordinator wasn't getting the job done!

Even though I wanted the big boys to wear their football uniforms and they did not, they still played football (rather than playing on the playground with the rest of the children)...

and tackled one another over and over...Now, how cute would this have been if they were wearing their uniforms? Okay, I'll get over it (or next year I'll forget to give them options!)
just kidding!

We left 'Coach Gundy' at home...because let's face it "he is a man" afterall, and T-Man, Beau and me set out to gather as much candy as we could!

And that we did!!!!

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  1. OK I literally laughed out loud at the pictures of Cash as Mike Gundy. Yep. I'm still laughing. I would go wake up Michael to look at the pictures and laugh with me but it is 12:30 am and I don't think he would find it as funny as I do.