Thursday, October 28, 2010


Earlier this season we took the older boys to an O-State football game (will post more on this later). They had a blast and now when we watch them on TV they have to play their own game, complete with pre-game warm ups, running out of the tunnel, first downs, touchdowns, "waving wheat", halftime, and of course Bullet!

First you've got to get pumped up for the big game with lots of growling, jumping up and down, and 'smack talk' (3 and 4 yr old style!)

Next you have to do your stretches and take some practice snaps!

Then it's GAME TIME!! So everyone has to line up in the 'tunnel'. Mom makes some pretend smoke and puts on her announcer voice...."And here they are...YOUR O-S-U COWBOYS!!"

(I know it appears that I lock my kids in a cage...I would NEVER THINK of doing something like that!!! But it's the only place in the backyard that has a gate that they can bust open and run is important to be as authentic as possible...use your imagination people!!)

Then you run around the 'field' followed by 'Bullet'! Did you miss Bullet? He's there...the 'horse' in the background...okay, it's really Cash...somebody has to be Bullet!!

And when it's halftime you huddle up with Coach Gundy (a.k.a. Mommy) to draw up some trick plays...

and get your picture taken, because you are just so adorable (I mean, TOUGH) in those helmets and jerseys!!

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  1. This was just too darn cute and funny!
    Kizzy Crowell