Friday, October 1, 2010

Flashback Friday!

In celebration of the Cowboys 3-0 record and the recent nailbiting win over Texas A&M, I thought it appropriate to post some past pictures of us enjoying our team!

Our first game as a family of five!

We tailgated that day with the Becks and some of their friends that own this very cool and very orange bus...the boys had a blast!

Pistols Firing!!

Cash's first OSU experience. At four WEEKS old we took him to the opening game against Georgia. My friend from Joplin custom made me an orange and black sling for the occasion and Cash obviously liked it ...he was perfect, sleeping the entire game!

Getting some lovin' from Grandma at the Miller's tailgame party.

Paxton is an ultimate fan. He loves going to games with Grandma and getting totally painted up.

At first I thought this was a picture of Paxton's first OSU football game, but now I realize it was his first Bedlam baseball game in Bricktown...
oh well, we love our Cowboys no matter what sport!

Here's a real throwback...I can't remember if it was Bedlam or Nebraska, but I know it was ESPN College Gameday and we won the game!!

Ahhh, so in, why doesn't Brock have an orange shirt on?!?

Our great friend Ellie who is a Texas A&M allum...she can't help it, I still love her!

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  1. OH my! I love Flashback Fridays! So fun! That pic of Ellie made me miss them! I haven't even seen pics of the new baby. Oh and I was cracking up at some of the old ones of you and Brock. It is so funny to see all those posted at the same time and watch the changes...which usually is only your hair color for the most part! :)