Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cool Cowboys Wear Purple

A couple of weeks ago Brock took the boys to get Beau some new Cowboy boots. Tytus had just recently gotten a new pair after growing out of his, which meant that Beau also got a "new" pair of boots. However after wearing his "new" boots for a day it was obvious from the red sores and blisters on his feet that Beau can no longer wear his older brothers' hand-me-downs!

I'm pretty sure it was love at first site when Beau saw these beauties in the store. Purple has been his favorite color for, well, since the time he decided that one of the colors would be his "favorite." He is proud of it and he is proud of his new purple boots! I do have to agree that this is a fine lookin' pair of boots!!

He has rarely taken them off since bringing them home. He wears them everywhere and with every ensemble!

He was very excited the first day he could wear them to preschool...but when I picked him up I could see right off that something was bothering him (he is a bit like his momma...it's pretty easy to tell if something has upset him!)

Beau: "Mom, nobody even noticed my NEW PURPLE BOOTS today!"

(I was a bit caught off guard by this statement...most people notice an adorable little cowboy in his boots. and PURPLE boots at that, AND this was the first time I had ever heard him use the word 'noticed'...very grown up and appropriate for the subject at hand!)

Me: "oh man, buddy, I'm sorry...Did you show them to your friends and teacher?"

Beau: "YES, and they didn't even smile!!"

Me: "Well, I guess not everybody knows a great pair of boots when they see them."

Beau: "Yeah....I guess I'm just cool."

I think it's safe to say this cowboy is not lacking in confidence.

It won't be long before all the "cool" cowboys are wearing PURPLE!!

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