Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bedlam Blues

I finally found some time to post some pictures from our Bedlam party. I use the term 'party' loosely as it quickly turned into a gathering of family and friends to console one another. Our family, as well as Mark and Kandy and their kids were all in Taloga for Thanksgiving, so we went to the Vanderwork home to watch the big game. Of course, Brock and the boys had to squeeze in a little game of their own before we chowed down on tons of game day food and geared up to watch what we hoped would be a Cowboy victory. Paxton even made signs for us to wave proudly! Well, needless to say our beloved Pokes did not give us the results we wanted, but it was great spending the day with old family friends.

Even Cash got in on some of the action!

It must be early in the game...the men are holding up their signs and still have smiles on their faces!

Mom and her best friend, Cindy.

You can always count on Karen to be where the fun is...even if she does have a book in hand.

Jessica, Jordan, and Heather...such fun girls!!

My sweet Beau started picking Cindy's flowers for me.

Cousins- Paxton and Tytus

Grandma and her six little pokes (it's not easy getting all of them in a picture!)

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