Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jolly Ol' St. Nick

This is the first Christmas that the boys have really been interested in Santa Claus. It has not taken them long to learn the "rules" of Santa...the reindeer, the chimney, the being nice (not naughty), and of course the presents! Just a little side note: I personally was never a huge fan of Santa as a child and I was quite young, probably four or five years old, when I revealed to my mother that I knew that she and dad "were Santa". With that said, I am finding it difficult to play into the whole 'magic' of Christmas, but I am also trying not to be Mrs. Scrooge and let the boys have their Santa fun and pray that it is sooner than later that they come to know the truth about the big man in the red suit. So rather than dismissing the Santa tradition (and being labeled the weird, over bearing mom that doesn't let her children fantasize) I decided to teach them a bit about the REAL St. Nicholas. With the help of the Internet, a trip to the library and our new Veggie Tales DVD(given to us by MeMaw Bobbie), we began learning about the generosity and compassion of a deeply religious man for whom our current day Santa was based upon. I had heard before that a man named St. Nicholas existed, but never knew the story in its entirety. I will spare you all the details and rather encourage anyone reading this post to check him out for yourself. I know that you will be pleased and possibly enlightened to learn of his remarkable acts and deep love of the Lord. Now, in the spirit of commercialized Christmas, I couldn't NOT take the boys to visit Santa Claus. So yesterday we headed to the mall for a cheesy picture and a chance to let Santa know what was on their wish lists. Just as I suspected might happen, Beau wanted nothing to do with him and at first glance clung to my leg and hid his sweet little face. Tytus in his usual cautious manner, slowly approached him and eased himself up on Santa's lap. I am convinced that Ty's desire for the new guitar that he has been asking for for months was all the motivation he needed to talk to this large bearded man. And Cash just smiled and laughed and was happy and adorable like he most always is. After a few minutes of coercing, I was able to get Beau to get close enough to Santa's chair so that he would be in the picture and I would not (except for my leg). I think the death grip on Big Brothers hand and 'deer in the headlights' look in his eyes says it all. Once the picture was taken and Tytus told Santa that he wanted a guitar and spoke on Beau's behalf that he wants a "treat" (that is all Beau will say he wants for toys, no games, no balls..."just a treat") then we went on our merry way. Memories were made, with a not too shabby photograph to prove it!!

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