Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Monthly Mission

First of all, What happened to February? I mean, I know it has a few less days than the other months, but wasn't I just putting away the Christmas decorations (except for that garland and wreath that is still hanging on the front door...that's right, when Spring shows me that she is here to stay I will take down the evergreen!)

For our monthly mission in February we made Valentine's and delivered them to a local nursing home. In preparing for this "mission" I took the opportunity to talk to the boys about how we all get older and some of the positive and negative things that go along with that and also how some people don't have family that comes and visits them. We even read a couple of books about grandmas and grandpas getting older (although I find it humorous and a bit confusing that the drawings of grandparents in children's books look more like Great-grandparents than grandparents).

The boys enjoyed making the Valentines (at least what little creative freedom I gave them. I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to crafts I have a few "control issues" that I need to work on.) and I thought they turned out pretty cute! Daddy and Cash stayed home with the a little stomach bug, so Tytus, Beau, and I were off to spend the morning at Spring River Christian Village. I have to admit I was a little nervous about how they would do...what I mean is, I LOVE old people, but the truth is there can be some frightening looking folks at nursing home (at least in the eyes of a three and four year old!) But the boys did incredible! They just looked like pros...they were walking up to people, handing out their valentine's, giving hugs...I think Beau even gave one little old lady a kiss! And the residents seemed to be truly blessed to have children around. It was really fun! I think we will definitely be making this an annual event!

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