Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Triumphs

Whew! First of all, we made it home from Breckenridge, CO last night. We had a great trip! All the kids traveled well (with a couple of early stops demanded by Priscilla and/or Cash, but hey, who can blame them, I was ready to be out of my 'car seat' too), the weather was fantastic, the slops were awesome! I hope to soon dedicate an entire post to our First Ever Family Ski Trip.

So, the boys and I made it home last night...finally. Daddy had to stay in OKC/Tulsa/Stillwater for work for a few more days, which meant that I pulled the cargo trailer home! And YES I triumphantly backed that puppy up to my garage and unloaded all of our crap...pardon me...travel necessities. Then I backed him up again in the alley and unhitched him!! Okay, so I had to recruit the teenage neighbor boy to help me unhitch him, but I indeed felt triumphant to accomplish this task that my husband asked of me (and I do think I heard a bit of hesitation in his voice, which of course only fueled my determination to, how else can I say it...Git R Done!)...TRIUMPH!!

Despite starting the day a little rough (the aftermath of being away from home for nine days), we had a lot of fun and got quite a few things done (Heaven knows I have a lot to do, after unloading that trailer with all of our "stuff" from vacation, the house looks like a tornado hit it!) Tytus and Beau eagerly helped me with my chores and did a mighty fine job at it. Tytus unloaded groceries and in typical T-man fashion organized the can goods and baby food just as I asked him to do. And Beau put away silverware and various other items from the dishwasher and stayed on task until the job was complete...he even came to me reporting that he had finished and needed another job!!! (This is quite an improvement as he in the past has proven to be "easily distracted")...TRIUMPH!

And I did FIVE loads of laundry...TRIUMPH!!


  1. Wow! Great job! I'm glad you had a great job, and when you have a minute or two, I'll be happy to see some pics.