Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Zoo Trip!

We decided to take our annual zoo trip during Spring Break this year. Mother insisted that we all wear the same color (and of course she chose Orange) partly for fun, but mostly because we had SIX kiddos seven years old and under! Kandy and I were not eager to go along with this for fear of looking like the "dorky family wearing matching tie-dyed shirts at Disneyland" (her words, not mine). But we complied with Mom's request and were quickly thanking her when we arrived at the zoo to find that half of Oklahoma was there as well! We had a great time...all the kids represented our family and our Cowboys very well!!

We made quite an impression and were the inspiration of numerous "Go Pokes" and "Alright Cowboys"!

The Eubanks Boys

Pax and T-Man

The bears did not disappoint, in fact, all of the animals were out enjoying the day!

I love this picture

Priscilla may have been more concerned with pushing Cash than looking at the animals, but she had a good time doing it!


This chimpanzee (or is it an orangutan? I don't know the difference) was hilarious...he definitely put on the show of the day.

Beau was being a bear...scratching his back on a tree

After filling his tummy, this is how Cash enjoyed the last part of his first trip to the zoo!

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  1. How fun! Lovin' all the orange. I think this is definitely necessary when trying to do SIX kids SEVEN and under at the zoo!