Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beau's 3rd Birthday

Finally, some pictures from Beau's birthday party! We had so much fun that day. Even though he had some anxiety thinking that he was going to be forced to eat chicken, he was still a happy little boy at the end of the day...could of had something to do with the pancakes, cupcakes, and cake (that's a whole lot of CAKE!).

(sidenote: we had been attempting to encourage/'brainwash' Beau for about six months prior to his birthday, that he would start eating chicken and other foods that he refuses to eat when he turned three. It seemed like a good idea and it all kind of started in fun, but the poor guy was so worried that someone would try and make him eat chicken that he was a bit stressed out! And yes, I felt horrible!)

Birthday Breakfast...pancakes, of course...


"Yummmm, this is gonna be delicious," he said to himself quietly as he gazed at his creation!

Birthday lunch with friends at Chick-Fil-A (okay, yes, I was hoping he would be brave and try the chicken nuggets, but NOPE!)

Look at those adorable Quinn brothers!

Little Grant enjoyed the cupcakes!

Have I mentioned that Beau is obsessed with wait...he IS Spiderman!

Brothers blowing out the candles together

The SURPRISE guest...SPIDERMAN!! That's right...Spiderman came to the party with an official Spiderman gift!

Spiderman and The Beau Beau Spiderman Show (that is now how Beau refers to himself!) showing off their muscles!

The Beau Beau Spiderman Show in his new Spiderman sunglasses.

T-Man also got a new pair of sunglasses

SO MUCH FUN!! We LOVE you Beau!

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