Thursday, May 6, 2010


YIPPEE!!! It's official, we are Oklahoma residents again! The move is complete, but the unpacking is not! I have been a very busy little momma the past couple of weeks (hence the lack of blog posts), and I still do not have the internet (or television for that matter). So I am borrowing Brock's work computer and global internet for one quick post.

We are exhausted from a very physically and emotionally draining last couple of weeks. Leaving Joplin/Loma Linda was a lot harder than I had prepared myself for(more on this later). In the midst of all the packing, moving, cleaning, and lots of driving between Claremore and Joplin, the boys and I made a quick trip back to NWOK to be with family after the sudden death of an uncle. In addition to that, we have been spending as much time as possible with Brock's family during a very difficult situation.

However, the good news is...we are all back together again! I did not realize how hard it was on me with Brock being gone so much until now. It is so nice to have him home to help and hang out with. And because his office is in downtown Tulsa, he can't really stick around and work late (or at least he shouldn't)! I think Tytus said it best, "I LOVE the new rent house, because we all get to be together and Daddy gets to come home every night!" It just proves...the kids don't care that we are more cramped and that I gave half of their toys away. It matters most that the gang's all back together!

Althought I'm beginning to think they might be tired of my sudden bursts into "OKLAHOMA"!!


  1. Sad for Missouri's loss, but not really. Their loss is our gain! I hope you feel settled (as much as you can in a temporary house) soon. Let me know when you come visit your momma. I'd love to get together.

  2. YAY for being back in OKLAHOMA. More playdates...just like today! :)