Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby's Momma's Husband!

Tytus has become very inquisitive about the dynamics of a family and the roles of it's members. He enjoys hearing stories of how Brock and I met and about when he was a baby. He is constantly looking at pictures from when he was "a little boy." He loves babies and says that when he grows up he wants to be a doctor and a daddy and a fireman!

The other day he randomly told me this...

Tytus: "When I grow up, maybe I'll be my kids' mommy's husband!"

Me: "Well, yes, that would nice...I definitely hope that's what happens." (thinking to myself, oh Dear God, please, oh PLEASE, let him be the husband to his children's mother...and PLEASE let him be a husband before he's a father!!!)

Then a few seconds later...

Tytus: "AND, maybe I'll meet my baby's mommy at OSU too!"

Me: "That would be awesome T."

I hope all of this comes to, I just need to pray he gets the order right...OSU, husband, daddy!!

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  1. Somehow I missed a bunch of your posts! What is up with that?!? Perhaps it was because my life was absolute insanity. Anyways, this is precious and it is what blogging is all about! Remember and writing down all those little things they say and do that you want to remember.