Thursday, June 24, 2010

No Hablo Espanol

So the boys are really obsessed with the Spanish language right now. They were recently introduced to "Go, Diago Go" (yes...just now, up until recently their mean mother would only let them watch PBS), and one of our new neighbor families is Mexican and their little boy is bi-lingual. I realized that the boys needed to be exposed to different languages one morning when we went to next door to the neighbor's garage sale. {**Sidenote: we walked out the door and saw a line of people from the neighbor's garage all the way to the street. We were quickly informed that the reason for the line was the neighbor's home-made tamales, and that her tamales are the best in all of suburban Tulsa. I have to say that I agree with the towns people...the two tamales I bought to eat for lunch were so good, I rushed over to buy more!!} Anyway, while walking home Beau and I had this little exchange:

B: "Well, they sure do talk funny" (with nose turned up)
Me: "NO they DON'T talk FUNNY" I say in a whisper with teeth gritted (heaven forbid he could have waited until we got into our house or at least a few feet away before exposing his sentiment toward their language.) "It's not funny, it's just different than how we talk."
B: "well, it sounds funny to me!"

I quickly ushered them into the house! Grabbing the world map for a quick lesson in geography/culture/MANNERS! Since that morning we have invited Abraham (the neighbor boy) over to play, read books about Spanish speaking families, and of course DIAGO. Thus the obsession with speaking Spanish continues as well as their constant asking me how to say things in Spanish...which is not fairing well for them, since I only know a few phrases, numbers and colors. Maybe I will take up a new hobby, learning/teaching all of my spare time!!!

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