Monday, June 21, 2010

Pulling Up...!

Tytus and I walked into the living room several days ago and this is what we found...

Cash pulling-up for the first time...and he was not stopping! Once he got up on his feet, I do believe that his intentions were to climb up on the ottoman!!

Thankfully, I was carrying my phone and Tytus had the camera, so we both started snapping pictures.

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  1. Kassidy I couldn't aggree with you more about the Eubanks boys! As you well know, we Schaefers have been friends with them since day one. Every childhood memory I have has a Eubanks in it...quite sure of it! ha! And you are correct, they are the hardest working most loyal people you will ever meet. I am priveldged to be able to call them all great freinds of mine! I love them all very much!! And this page that you have done is kewl!!

    Wes Schaefer