Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mother's Day

I realize it is quite a bit after the fact, but I didn't want to neglect posting about this year's Mother's Day. I think it is safe to say, and many moms would agree with me, that Mother's Day is not always what it's 'cracked up to be'. In fact, in the past few years I have celebrated (and I use that term VERY loosely) a couple of less-than-warm-and-fuzzy-let's-all-show-appreciation-to-Mom Mother's Days.

However, this year...Brock and the boys really pulled through and made the day very special. After church we enjoyed a delicious meal at a lovely Italian restaurant, followed by rest time for EVERYONE...all three of the boys napped and so did I (not sure what Brock was doing because I was NAPPING...did I mention that I took a nap!?!?) Then that evening we went bowling, which I LOVE and the boys had a great time!

Brock bought me this basically brand new running stroller at a garage sale. I have been wanting one since having Cash and the fact that he got it for less than half the original price made me even happier!!

Brock took the boys to a local antique store and let them each pick something out for me. Beau chose the lemon press (he and his daddy both love lemonade, so they could have had themselves in mind a bit by choosing this one!). Tytus chose the wooden meat mallet. I have needed one for years and have gotten by on borrowing from my neighbors. It has been put to good use several times already! And with a little help from Daddy, Cash chose the jar opener. I have frustratingly weak hands and am constantly asking Brock for help opening jars. Such thoughtful gifts...they each made me feel so special and the boys were very proud to give them to me.

Together they chose an antique jewelry box. I have LOTS of jewelry and do not have a very good place to store any of it. So, once again they made a very purposeful choice. (No, I do not know the man and woman in the pictures, I will soon replace them with pictures of my four boys!)

{B- thank you so much for making this Mother's Day so special. I know the boys had a good time shopping for me and I truly appreciate the thought that YOU encouraged them to put into their selections. It's little things like this that prove that you really do pay attention to the details...I love that! Thanks for showing them how to make a person feel special. Love you, kde}


  1. Sweet! My mom has a jar opener like that, and it's the best. Happy opening!

  2. How sweet! Love that he took them to an antique store...what a good idea!