Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to School

A few weeks ago, Beau started "preschool" too!

I had spent so much time emotionally preparing myself for Tytus to go to Pre-K EVERYDAY, that I forgot to get myself pumped up to sent my little lover-boy off to learn and grow two days a week!

And he was not going to make it easy on we got out of the car the first morning he said, "Mom, I don't need you to hold my hand." Whoa, wait a second...when did this this rate, he'll be driving himself to "big school" next year!

He was really excited, in an ultra-cool sort of Beau-Beau Show style of course. He was about to show those little cry babies how this is done!

He just jumped right in there and put his puzzle together, as well as the puzzle of the "cry baby" girl next to him and the boy sitting across the table who couldn't really concentrate due to his mom and dad and grandma taking pictures of him! I decided to give a little wave and slip out of there before anyone noticed that my taller than everyone else in the class son was doing everyone's puzzles!
And YES, I cried once I got back into the car and drove away!

He had a great first day of school. Once he got in the car to go home, he scowled his forehead and crinkled his nose and said, "I had fun at school today. I DID NOT have a little fun, I had VERY MUCH FUN!!!
And he has had fun every time...except for the day the "got in a fight with that one boy under the table...He knocked down the tower that I build and I told him not to, but he knocked it down and kicked me in the face with his shoe" (And he had the big red mark across his cheek to prove it!) I asked him if he hit the boy first or hit him after he got kicked and he said "NO, I was trying to find my words, but they wouldn't come out!"
His teacher must have been busy during this little scuffle and I wasn't about to fill her in on the details (as told by a three year old). I'm pretty sure this won't be the last time Beau has an encounter with a kid at school, so we'll just keep this one to ourselves!

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