Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brain Fried and Dog Tired

Well, I don't usually go this long without blogging. My goal since starting this venture has been to blog two to three times a week, unless we are on a roadtrip or the computer decides to freeze up and not let anyone touch it!! But these past few weeks has been a struggle for me. I have lots to talk about...Cash's birthday party, Tytus starting Pre-K (oh I guess I did blog about that), Beau going to preschool and the many hilarious one-liners he has been cracking me up with, the older boys going to AWANAS, finally starting dirt work at the land, doing some contract work, T-mans playing soccer, Cash saying more and more words, Cowboys football, a fun weekend away with Brock, oh and running into Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood!

I'll be honest, with all of that going on plus having a bad case of the seasonal allergies....I'm exhausted! I was prepared in NO WAY AT ALL that our new schedule would wipe me out as much as it has. The boys have always been early risers, up and at it around 7:00, but there just seems to be something to having us all out the door by 8:00 that has pretty much rocked my world!! I'm assuming that this is a universal mom duty so I'm trying not to swim in my own pool of pity... for too long. Working moms of the world, I applaud you and I don't envy you! The silver lining to my new cloud is that most mornings I can at least throw a baseball cap on and leave the baby in his pajamas!

I do plan to blog about all of the above topics as soon as I can breath without the assistance of that allergy medicine you have to sign your life away for and if you use too much the police will come and bust into your house in the middle of the night under the suspicion that you are cooking meth in your basement!! And also as soon as I reclaim my blogging time back from my exhausted body (in other words, use the time when all the children are napping to blog rather than curl up in the fetal position and go into a comatose state for as long as the boys will allow!)

Until that time comes I thought I'd share one of my favorite pictures from the summer. All four of my boys in their jammies on a Saturday morning...this is why I blog, why I live, why I had to start getting up between 6:00 and 6:30 everyday! Oh how I miss those lazy summer mornings!

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