Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cash's 1st Birthday Party

Since I didn't throw a big shin-dig of a party for Cash's birthday this year, he got to have two small family parties, one at my mom's with all the Seal girl kiddos and one at Nana and Papaw's with the Eubanks clan! Here's a little recap of the party at Grandma's house...

p.s. these pictures are a bit out of sequence, but rather than starting over and risking NEVER getting this post out in cyber-world, I'm just going with it!

He is so cute and so chunky and so ready for his first corndog and first cupcake!

He was pretty intrigued by the fire at first, but once he got a taste of icing on his tongue
it was bye-bye cupcake...

In case you don't remember it was REALLY hot this summer, and REALLY hot on
August we had a picnic on the carpet in the very cool and comfortable air conditioning!

Our friend, sweet little Piper, joined us for the party!

For some reason, even though we never set foot outside in the scorching heat that day, all the boys managed to end up with no shirts on. Frankly, I'm surprised Cilla had her clothes on as she is usually right there in the middle of all the action and keep up with the boys!

Yup, the days for sitting and quietly playing on the floor at Grandma's house are long gone...
Cash discovered the stairs and it only took him about two minutes
to figure out how to climb to the top

Of all the gifts he received...this little green ball was his absolute favorite!

Sharing his cake with mommy! And it was GOOD...Grandma's Red Velvet!

Did I mention it was GOOD RED VELVET CAKE?!?!
Cash was a fan and so were the rest of us!
Thanks, MOM for throwing this together for Cash (and me)!

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