Monday, September 13, 2010

Let the Record State....

Tonight Tytus announced to his brothers and me...

"When I'm older you're gonna see me on TV."

I wasn't sure where he was going with this statement. He had spent the last twenty minutes getting his "bakskit ball" clothes on (including wristband and jersey tank top), then shooting his OSU basketball into a cardboard box in the kitchen. SO I was prepared for him to explain that he would be playing Cowboy basketball in 15 years. But he followed with this...

"Yup, that's right you're gonna see me on TV playing my guitar!"

Musician, athlete...makes no difference to me.

"And mom, you might not know it's me, but I'm gonna be wearing a shirt with sparkles on it...a sparkle guitar and a sparkle piano and a sparkle microphone...and a sparkle basketball! And I'll be playing my guitar like this..."

Then he takes a total rock and roll stance and plays the air guitar, complete with arm spinning around and around and sound effects.

My dream for him is that he is happy, and healthy, and making a positive difference in peoples' lives and for the Kingdom...and if that means playing his guitar on TV then I will be one proud Momma.

So just in case my son is a future Joe Perry, or Brad Paisley, or David Crowder let the record state that he told us it would be so on this day!

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  1. Does Aunt C.C. get front row tickets to the concerts?!?! :)