Saturday, February 13, 2010


We have been talking a lot about attitudes at our house. And by the way, someone forgot to mention to me that as soon as our son turned four years old he would all of the sudden develop some serious ATTITUDE! Good attitudes and bad attitudes...we all have both at times, but even when it is difficult we should CHOOSE to have a good attitude, right?

That being said, today as I was helping the older boys get dressed (ironically to go on our "monthly mission", more on that later), *SIDENOTE: Is it just my kids or does it seem like at times just getting dressed is the most difficult task of the day?? Anyway, Tytus was showing some signs of a not-so-good attitude...heavy sighing, slouching, even a tiny little eye roll. So I say to him, "Buddy, I do not like your attitude right now, you are just acting kind of ugly. I mean, I do not know where you got all of this attitude, but I wish you would give it back!" To which he replied, "I know where I got this attitude." And I say, "oh really, where did you get your attitude?" Oh, Yes, get ready for it, because without skipping a beat and actually quite kindly he followed with, "From YOU!"

OUCH!! Nothing like having your eyes opened by the honesty of your child. It can be a shot to the gut when you see your not-so-best qualities come out in your child. So after a quick pep talk and a promise that I will also work harder at having a good attitude we were on our way. Guess it's time for me to practice what I preach!!

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