Friday, February 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

I seem to be sticking with the winter wonderland theme, and rightly so since it is still very cold outside and we have had snow flurries the past couple of days. Here are a few pictures with some of our good friends. This was the first winter that the Borns, Millers and we all lived in Churchill Park in Jenks, OK. It snowed a bit (and by a bit, I mean hardly at all) and the boys decided to make a play day out of it!!

Ellie and Kate Born- little Kate was the first baby of the group...she is just as sweet now as she was then!

We had our nieces, Josie and Lindie, with us that weekend...they are helping Josh and Brock with the beginning of what would soon be "the biggest snowman ever"!!!

Yes, that's Josh in short sleeves, and not because it is warm least it wasn't to most of us!

Michael was quickly recuited when Josh and Brock realized that making "the biggest snowman ever" required more man power. Oh and if it looks like Brock is wet, well, he is...I guess building a snowman in the freezing temperatures can cause a man to sweat!

The girls had fun (probably not as much as the boys), and their parents didn't kill us for letting them play outside all afternoon without appropriate winter gear!

It's funny how I remember all the details of that day, down to Ellie making us all hot chocolate and us all discussing if Baby Kate should be outside or not (she was the first baby after all). Carissa opted not to join us since she was in fact eight months pregnant with Easton. Miss you all so much...what fun memories!

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  1. OMG! I totally remember this day. And I actually have several pictures from the day too and THANK GOD you did not post any of me because I was huge and pregnant. But let's be honest, name a time in the last five years that I haven't been either huge and pregnant OR huge and post-pregnant. UGH!