Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Days!

Despite the temperature, we bundled up and headed outside for some winter fun in the snow, complete with sledding, snowball fights and a snowman!! Here are a few pictures from our fun family time in the snow over the past weekend...


There they go down the big hill behind our house. Hey, if you can't go golfing, just go sledding on the course!!

Made it to the bottom! Everyone is having fun!

This is right after Daddy started throwing snowballs...Beau is obviously pretty upset about it and Tytus was quick to retaliate with a few snowballs of his own!

Fun in the snow = hard work for Daddy!

Always making a silly face!

Beau was helping to make a snowman until he discovered that he could eat the snow...Tasty!!

The snowman was packed so tightly that our resident carpenter had to get his drill out to give Frosty his eyes, nose, and mouth!

Even Cash got in on the final pictures with our new friend!

He's definitely one of us...I think he is trying to do 'Pistols Firing'!!!

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  1. LOVE the snow pictures.

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