Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cash at Five Months

Cash turned five months old earlier this month. Yes, I am just now getting around to posting pictures, but I have been very busy planning birthday parties, and taking care of kiddos with stomach bugs, and New Year's cleaning and organizing. I'll say it again...Cash, you are such a good baby, and you are starting to be so much fun as your adorable personality develops. I can't believe you are already five months old. Your dad, brothers and I love watching you do and 'say' new things everyday.
This month you competely mastered rolling over, and over, and over. You can reach for an object with both hands, stand up with assistance, pull yourself up when someone holds your hands. You can almost sit up by yourself and you would love to start crawling, but you can't seem to get your belly off the floor!
What a "Chunky-Monkey" you are...look at all those rolls! You are a great eater and a really good sleeper.
Daddy got the Exersaucer out of the attic and you are having lots of fun playing in it.
You like being on the floor, but you really wish you could go somewhere. You especially love being wherever your brothers are. They love to make you laugh and you are so happy watching them play.
Last week you got your first taste of rice cereal and it was no surprise that you loved it. You did such a good job eating that Tytus got to feed you!

We love you so much Cash Allen!!

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  1. Precious! The second picture cracks me do you clean all those rolls?!?!