Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday Moments, Tuesday Triumphs

We've all heard people say that they have "a case of the Mondays." Well, I've been feeling like I've had a case of the Mondays a little more than usual lately and sometimes not even on a Monday! Maybe it's because this new year is sweeping by and I feel like I am stuck in last December. It could be because we have been on the road a lot over the past several weeks and everyone is out of their routines or that for the past week our home was visited/overtaken by a nasty stomach bug! Whatever it is I am sure that most everyone can relate. No matter what day of the week it is we all have those MOMENTS...right? Tell me I am not alone here. You know, those moments like when you are actually going to make it somewhere on time (for once) and you walk out the door to find that your neighbor's dog has gotten into your trash and strung dirty diapers all over your driveway! Or like when you are actually getting a decent night's sleep and your husband's alarm goes off two hours earlier than it needs to! I'm talking about those moments that are not the end of the world and really mean nothing in comparison to some of the pretty terrible things that people have to go through on this earth, but that are just a part of LIFE...everyday life that has is hills and valleys. Anyway whatever it is that has gotten me in a bit of a 'slump', I know that I still have so much in my life to put a smile on my face...you know, to turn my little frown upside down! So I am designating another section of the blog for me to briefly state a little moment that has gotten me down or rubbed me the wrong way (because, sometimes we all just need a little chance to vent now and then) and then quickly move on to the more important triumphs that fill my days...and I know that there are so many of these to be thankful for!

One of my most recent "Monday Moments" happened when Cash sip up green beans in the middle of the living room just hours after the man from the carpet cleaning company finished shampooing the carpet. Might I add that the carpet looked great (and still does except for a couple of small blobs) and that Cash almost NEVER spits up! Oh well, I accomplished the near impossible last night...I was able to leave my house all by myself (thank you, Brock)! All the boys stayed at home while I took dinner to our sweet friend Holly who just had a beautiful baby girl. Welcome to the world Lyla Pearl, and thanks for the wonderful chat Holly...it was a triumphant blessing!!


  1. I had one of those moments the other day when I was getting into the bath with Lily to bathe her (i find it way easier than leaning over the tub and much more fun,)when just as I was sitting down with her, she pooped all over me and in our fresh bathwater. I had to laugh, but it was definitely one of THOSE moments!

  2. Glad I got to see you. Um, I am thinking girls night or weekend sometime...what do you think?!?! I think we BOTH could use it! :) Love you.

  3. My life is full of these moments with 1 boy...I CAN.NOT.IMAGINE. what it must be like with 3. You are superwoman!!