Tuesday, January 5, 2010

From the Mouths of Babes...(Seeking Independence)

Today as the boys were getting dressed to go to school, Tytus and I had this little conversation...
Tytus: "How about you just drop me off at school and then leave?"
Me: "Well, I kind of need to go inside so I can help your brother get to his classroom."
Tytus: "Well, then I'll just go upstairs by myself and you can stay downstairs."
Me: "Well, I really should go upstairs too, so that I can sign my name where all the mommys and daddys sign in."
Tytus: "How 'bout I just sign your name for you, M-O-M."

Although I was a tiny bit crushed that he is becoming such a big boy that he no longer wants me to take him into school, I was quite impressed that he can spell my 'name'! We agreed that I would go upstairs with him to sign in, but I would stay in the hall and not go into his classroom. Here we go...taking steps on his jouney toward independence...I can do this, right?

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