Monday, January 4, 2010

The Christmas That Kept On Giving!

So I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from our Christmases. They totalled five, yes five Christmases, all complete with a tons of family, food, and presents. I failed to get pictures from each one, but let's face it, it's a lot for a girl to handle, and I was trying to help the boys and video at the same time! We had a great time this year...the boys had tons of fun and despite our plans being changed due "The Blizzard", everyone remained in good spirits (for the most part). This was our first year to be at our own home on Christmas morning and it was really nice. Then thanks to the snow and ice we were able to spend the entire day at home without the stress of rushing around to travel to the next family member's home. (I was a little sad at first, but it was really a blessing getting to spend all day with Brock and the boys and they had tons of fun playing with their new toys!) We did get up the following morning and brave the treacherous road conditions, only to arrive saftely eight and a half hours later at Grandmother's house in NWO.

It was Cash's first Christmas and although he slept throught the majority of the festivities, he was the first to awake on Christmas morning and didn't seem to mind watching his big brothers open his gifts for him.

Santa brought Beau a "piano-thingy" and Tytus is taking his turn with younger Brother's new toy.
Beau obviously didn't mind, as he was filled with joy (and sugar) when Santa was faithful to bring him the only thing he asked for, "a treat".

Tytus was also very pleased when Santa brought him a green guitar just like he asked for. (To avoid confusion and embarassment, Tytus was trying on his new Buzz Lightyear undies, when he decided to sarinade us with a little "Big Green Tractor", besides that his snowman pajamas were making him a bit too toasty!!)

Future O-State quarterback and wide receiver???

We were literally snowed in!!!

The boys begged to go outside and play in the snow and I'm pretty sure it took longer to get all of their winter gear on them then the amount of time they wanted to 'play' in the freezing cold, windy weather.

Grandma reading the Christmas story and sharing the good news of salvation with the grandkids, minus Cash (who was sleeping) and Priscilla (who was determined to get a gift open while no one was watching!)

Beau LOVED his new bike helmet and boxing gloves. Tough Guy!

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