Friday, January 22, 2010

Where's Beau????

The other morning Cash was taking a nap, Beau was playing in his room, and Tytus and I were having some 'computer time' (most likely or or one of the other many amazing educational websites we have been frequenting). When all of the sudden I heard... NOTHING! That's right, COMPLETE SILENCE, which as you can imagine is quite uncommon in a house with three small boys. Any good mother knows that when your children are playing and you can't hear them there is reason to be alarmed. This is especially true when it comes to Beau, as he could easily be described as a noisy, talkative player and one of his favorite things to do is hide (and he is very good at it!) So Tytus and I went looking for him. We searched in all of his usual hiding places...behind Daddy's big chair, in the pantry, under the ottoman...nope, no BoBo Show. Then after a more detailed search in the house, but just before taking our investigation outside, Tytus suggested we look in Cash's room...and this is what we found...

He had climbed up in bed with Cash and fallen asleep. Oh, how precious is that?!?! My goodness, it is moments like this one that make my heart so full!! Such a blessing in the middle of an otherwise difficult and exhausting week.