Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monthly Mission

At the beginning of each year Brock and I try to take some time to talk about what we did well the previous year and things we would like to do better in the new year. One thing I suggested that we do this year is to emphasize the importance of 'missions' more with the boys. He quickly agreed and we decided that it would be great for us to do something each month. Now, we are not up and moving to a third world country or selling all of our belongings and giving the money to charity, but we are going to designate an activity each month in which we help others and give of our time and a family.

After the devastating earth-quake in Haiti, we chose to have the boys gather up some food, as well as some of their toys and clothes that they had outgrown and take them to a collection site where they would be sent to the residence of Haiti (our church was a designated collection site for the area so we were able to take all of the items there). We took this opportunity to talk about earthquakes and other natural disasters, but most importantly about God's love for all people. Tytus of course had many questions about why bad things happen and why some boys and girls don't have mommys and daddys. He is beginning to ask a lot of questions about Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, and this tragedy seemed to having him inquiring in ways he had not before. Beau is always quick to choose to pray for others and this instance was no exception. After we talked about all the people who lost their homes and families, he was the first to start giving prayer requests. He also was very helpful in filling bags of food from the pantry (that could be because all he eats is PB&J, so anything other than PB, he was willing to sacrifice!). And Cash didn't seem to mind that I gave away two trash bags full of 0-12 month clothes that he has already outgrown!!

Next month, we have planned to make Valentines and take them to a local assisted living center. Can't wait!!

To all of you reading this...what kinds of service activities do you do with your children? I always love to borrow ideas from my most creative Mommy friends!

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