Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pictures from Tytus' BirthDAY!

When I was growing up my mom always let my sister and I choose what we wanted for dinner/supper on our birthday. Now, since we have the same birthday, we often times compromised and chose the meal together; however, other times we did not, and we would have spaghetti and ribs (or something like that!) I have continued this tradition with my own children and they think it is pretty fun! Here are a few pictures from Tytus' special day:
This year Tytus chose Green Chocolate Chip Pancakes for his birthday breakfast!! Thank you Tytus...they were delicious!

Beau was very pleased with T-Man's creation!

He got to open one present in the morning...a Dallas Cowboys football from Texas Stadium!

The next Tony Romo??? Let's go with...the next Troy Aikman!?!?

The big boys showing Dadddy how to read the new Leapfrog TAG books.


  1. I grew up with the same tradition and have also carried it on with our kids. I love it! Scott's last birthday, we had "pirate food", beans, fish, rice, boiled eggs and beer (root beer)! It was kind of gross, but so fun and then we pigged out on Pirate Cake!
    PS Your boys are so cute!

  2. Aren't those Tag books so cool??? J.J. got his pen & Cars (the same one you all have) book from Jeremy & Lauri...he LOVES it!

    Happy belated birthday to T-man!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tytus! Seems like just yesterday and now he is FOUR.