Monday, January 18, 2010

Roadtrip with the Gang: The Element of Surprise

As often as we jump in the car for a little getaway, I have decided to designate an entire section of the blog to document the "adventures" we encounter on our roadtrips!
This past Friday we (me and the Sundance Kids) loaded up and headed to Edmond for a weekend packed full of activities and SURPRISES!! I LOVE surprises! Brock was already in OKC on business so it worked out nicely for us to meet him there before all the playtime began. Our two main purposes for going were to celebrate Mom's 50th birthday and to attend the wedding of our sweet family friend, Jordy Mercer. The weekend plans were altered a bit when our Uncle Russ who was in the hospital after taking a terrible fall became critically ill. Our family was gathered around him with love and prayers. Thankfully he is doing better, but his road to recovery will be a long one.
The first surprise of the weekend was a party for Mom (look for pictures in a following post). We secretly gathered family and friends together at Ted's and pulled off a great surprise party! She was SHOCKED to find us all waiting for her, complete with cake and gifts and every person in the room wearing BLACK!! On Saturday, Kandy and I (and Cash), along with several cousins and aunts gathered to SURPRISE Grandmother for her 80th birthday. We had such a nice time and Grandmother was overwhelmed when she saw us. She is a wonderful lady and deserves to celebrated! Needless to say we thought there were no more surprises in store for us, until...our trip to Wal-Mart!
Early Sunday morning Kandy called to inform (and warn) us that Mark and Paxton were both sick with a stomach virus. Everyone seemed healthy in my family so we went to church, had a nice lunch, and went to get some groceries. All was well, until I hear Mom yelling for assistance a few aisle away. I turn the corner and am SURPRISED to see that Tytus has thrown-up EVERYWHERE in the middle of Wal-Mart...all over the floor, all over the cart, all over the food in the cart, all over himself! And that was the beginning of him being a very sick little boy for the rest of the day. So, Monday morning I decided it was time for the boys and I to head back home, as we had successfully spread our germs and Mom was now not feeling well at all. Unfortunately Brock had to stay for meetings in OKC all week. We arrived safely home only be SURPRISED yet again as soon as I opened the door to the house. It seems I had forgotten to take the trash bag of dirty diapers out to the dumpster before we left four days before. You can only imagine the smell I was greeted by! Despite how the trip ended we had a great time seeing lots of family and friends. It was definitely a roadtrip for the books and I should clarify my previous statement...I LOVE A GOOD SURPRISE!!

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